A biodynamic wine is a wine made from grapes from biodynamic agriculture. The disciplines that define what a biodynamic wine is and how it is made are still being defined at European level (Demeter International). Each country, having a different climate, first of all, and a different wine tradition has its own positions. The main point is: what biodynamic agriculture is. A biodynamic wine is only a consequence of how this agriculture is defined.


Through biodynamic agriculture is believed that our plants are best exoressed. Thanks to an attentive eye to the astrological influences on the plants and on the soil we work to put them in the right inter-connection. In the vineyard and throughout the farm, starting from a limited and respectful use of tractors, to practices of sowing of green manure, banned the chemistry of pesticides, everything is done in order to restore the right connections between the sky and the soil. Preparations are used to activate humus formation processes and stimulator of light and heat functions.

Instead of fighting diseases, mechanisms are triggered to create health, reversing the logic of modern industrial agriculture. wich is far from recognizing what is the right value of a food. A food that is not just a list of more or less complex mineral components but an organic complex of currents and energy flows that, as they can be good and suitable for keeping us healthy they could cause of irreversible damage to the organism. With Biodynamic methods expression of fruit maturity are achieved, which are extremely linked to the minerality of the earth/soil, to the climate of the year and the varietal tone of the plant.

This is expressed in its entirety, complexity of aromas and sugar in a more complete and profound form of all its components. The result in wines is the extremely marked character and they always surprise for the great taste experience they offer, usually very direct. They are wines that make a lot of use on the unconscious spheres of the person.

The fermentations of the wines are all obtained without the addition of external yeasts, only the yeasts present on the grapes coming from the vineyards are strictly used. Sulfurous dioxide is generally very low.
The nourishment of the plant is mainly given by cosmic energy and there is a close relationship between the cosmos and plants.


Manduria (Taranto)

Morella wines are made completely from the grapes produced in their own vineyards, of which, for the most part are old dry grown Primitivo bush vines on terra rossa.They are cultivated by hand using bio-dynamic principals and the yield rarely exceeds 2 tonnes (2.6 hl) per hectare.


Mezzogiorno IGT Bianco Salento

35 €

The original vine material is from 2 vineyard selections of Fiano from Campania. The vineyard was established in 2005 and is located next to the bush vine Primitivo vineyards in Manduria. The soils are red sandy clay over limestone, unusually combined with particles of quartz, particularly in this part of the vineyard.

Harvest and Fermentation
The grapes were hand picked in small boxes early in the morning and chilled over night. The bunches were pressed whole in a vertical basket press. The juice had a slight sedimentation without use of enzymes, then was fermented directly, a part in large oak and the other in stainless steel. After 7 months of lees stirring the wine was racked then passed through a light filtration before bottling.

Wine style
Mezzogiorno has a floral nose with hints of citrus and some toasty oak. The mouth is rounded nectarine fruit with a long crisp lemon mineral finish.

Mezzarosa IGP Rosato Salento

35 €

Salento IGP “Mezzarosa” is produced with Negroamaro and Primitivo grapes. The vinification begins with a maceration on the skins for about 6 hours, followed by alcoholic fermentation in cement. Before bottling, it is left in contact with the noble lees for 6 months. The most authentic expression of the typical Salento rosé.

Tasting Notes
Pink of medium chromatic charge and bright. Olfactory impact that opens on pleasant floral notes, followed by hints that recall red berries. On the palate it is soft and fresh at the same time, smooth in the drink and good persistence.