Trofie with saffron potato cream cooked in sea water and crunchy Martina Franca capocollo

Local potatoes are cooked in sea water and saffron, without the addition of sales. Jump with Parmesan and Martina franca capocollo made crunchy.

17 €

Allergens: 1, 7

Tubettini past with squid ink, white wine, concassè tomato and crunchy flavored panko

A dish that evokes the sea, the fresh squid are blended in white wine and finished there cooking with sea water, without adding salt. Panko is flavored with spices and made crunchy.

18 €

Allergens: 1, 4, 12

Spaghettone with beetroot cream and grotto-aged cheese fondue. Cooked in sea water

A colorful and tasty dish that combines the sweetness of beetroot, cooked in water sea, with the strong and enveloping taste of caciocavallo aged in cave. Before being tasted the ingredients must be well blended.

17 €

VEGETARIAN | Allergens: 1, 7

Like a lasagna (Orecchiette with fresh tomato sauce, Parmesan, burrata cream and basil oil)

The San Marzano tomatoes used for the sauce are steamed with basil and onion, passed through a sieve to remove peel and seeds. The orecchiette are produced with artisan semolina and they come sauté with Parmesan, burrata and basil oil to recreate the "full" taste of lasagna.

16 €

VEGETARIAN | Allergens: 1, 7

* Some products could be frozen at the origin or subjected to on-site treatment. For more detailed informations please ask the staff.