A wine is defined organic when it comes from 100% organic grapes cultivated in vineyards without the use of and certified organic wine products. Organic wine is a completely natural and genuine wine, that does not use synthetic chemical agents at any stage of the production process. The vine is cultivated in its habitat, with the spontaneous herbs growing around it, with a developed biodiversity. In this way, the plant is able to produce balanced fruits that express all the typical characteristics of the territory in which it grows. Organic wine is a healthy, natural and genuine product that not only respects the environment and the ecosystem but it also safeguards the health of the consumer, of the producer himself and of those around us, being free of any chemical component inside.


L’Astore Masseria
Cutrofiano – Salento

Born from a clean and sustainable agriculture, respecting a landscape designed by culture and tradition; since 2010 L’Astore wines are certified “produced from organic grapes”. Symbol of Salento in its rosatist vocation and in the old ‘’Alberelli di Negroamaro and Primitivo’’; our production enhances the ancient native vines such as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca Antica, Susumaniello and Primitivo.

Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, Salento is a land of sun, winds and strong colours: the red of the earth and of the wine, the dark green of the Mediterranean, which touches the white of the sand, the blue of the sea, the white lime of the houses, of trulli, of the dry stone walls, the silver of the olive trees, and the gold of the wheat. This is Salento, an ancient and noble land that finds in its wine, Negramaro, its perfect emblem.

In the vineyard: organic grapes are produced, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general) and without the use of genetically modified organisms.
In the cellar: vinification is carried out using only oenological products and processes authorized by regulation 203/2012 and, within the limits and provisions imposed by the regulations, each certified organic producer follows its own specific conduct, using oenological practices that are closest to the personal concept of “sustainable agriculture”.


Massaro Rosa

22 €

Classification: Salento IGP Organic Rosé
Variety: Negroamaro
Place of Production: Cutrofiano (Grecìa Salentina)
Type of Soil: sand, limestone, clay
Training system: Guyot-Spurred cordon
Wine Yield per hectare: 35/40 hl
Vinification: ‘By raising the cap’, traditionally the most used method in Salento. After crushing and destemming, the crushed grapes are placed in a stainless-steel tank at controlled temperature and left to ferment. When the skins rise to the surface, only the must (the flower) is extracted and moved to another tank so to finish the fermentation at a controlled temperature. This is the ‘wine of one night’, as in the few hours of one night it expresses its chromatic and organoleptic features.
Alcoholic fermentation: in stainless-steel tank at 13°/15°C with indigenous yeasts.
Aging: in bottle
Alcohol: 13-13.50%
Serving at: 12-14°C

Tasting notes
Colour: Crystalline salmon pink with orange reflections. On the nose, intense and intoxicating fruity aromas of undergrowth and sour cherry. Then, rose petals, violet and Mediterranean scrub. In the mouth, the taste is balanced, soft, and well matched between freshness and flavour. The aftertaste of fruity and floral scents is very pleasant and long.

Food pairing
Pizza, fish soup, tagliolini with seafood or fish sauce, orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and ricotta cheese. Platters of ham, cold cuts, and soft cheese.


22 €

Classification: Salento IGP Organic White
Variety: White Malvasia
Place of production: Cutrofiano (Grecìa Salentina)
Type of soil: red soil on limestone substrate
Training system: Guyot
Wine yield per hectare: 40/45 hl
Vinification: Cold maceration on the skins for approximately 8-12 hours
Alcoholic fermentation: in stainless tanks at 13°/15°C with pied de cuve for 10-15 days
Aging: in stainless tanks and bottles for approximately 12 months
Alcohol: 12,5%
Serving at: 10-12°C

Tasting notes
Bright straw yellow colour with golden reflections. Onthe nose aromas of tropical fruit as lychee and papaya. Then, floral whispers of lavender and jasmine, musk, white peach, almond, and brackish hints. Immediately fresh, seductive, fragrant, and elegant. At the centre of the mouth is wide, pulpy, and enveloping. A nice minerality envelops the entire oral cavity. The finish is satisfying and enjoyably pervasive.

Food pairing
Appetizers of cooked and raw fish and seafood first courses. Second courses of white meat, grilled fish, and crustaceans. It also matches fresh cheese with short aging.


22 €

Classification: Salento IGP Organic Red
Variety: Negroamaro
Place of production: Cutrofiano (Grecìa Salentina)
Type of soil: soil on limestone substrate
Sistema di allevamento: Guyot-spurred cordon
Wine yield per hectare: 45-55hl
Vinification: Pre-fermentation cold maceration on skins and then fermentation with pied de cuve with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel for about 7-10 days at a controlled temperature.
Aging: half of the wine is aged in cement tanks and half in stainless steel for 12-15 months. Possible addition of a modest quantity of Alberelli Negroamaro. It then ages in bottle until the wine is placed on the market.
Alcohol: 13,5%
Serving at: 18-20°C

Tasting notes
Brilliant ruby red colour with garnet shades. Olfactory notes of sour cherry, light spices, sweet tobacco, leather, hay, and black pepper. Nice flavour and acidity. Persistent and balanced.

Food pairing
Stuffed aubergines, legumes soups, pasta flans or topped with meat-based sauces and dressing. It matches with red meats and sliced of red tuna. Fish soups with slightly spicy tomato sauce. Medium-aged pecorino cheese.


25 €

Classification: Salento IGP Organic Red
Variety: Primitivo
Place of production: Cutrofiano (Grecìa Salentina)
Type of soil: red soil on limestone substrate
Training System: Guyot-spurred cordon
Wine yield per hectare: 45/50 hl
Vinification: Pre-fermentation cold maceration on skins and then in stainless steel. It follows a pied de cuve fermentation for approximately 10 days.
Aging: steel and cement for approximately 12-18 months and then in bottle. Addition of a modest quantity of Alberelli Primitivo.
Alcohol: 14 – 14,50%
Serving at: 16-18°C

Tasting notes
Ruby red with impressive texture. To the nose, rich, elegant, and fresh. Notes of black cherry, plum, American tobacco, bay leaf, liquorice, eucalyptus, myrtle, tamarind, in a delicately spiced blanket. On the palate, enchantment of balance and velvet harmony. Refreshing balsamic puffs on the finishing.

Food pairing
Pasta with meat sauce, stew with primitive, lamb, cardoncelli mushrooms potatoes and local Salento radishes. It also matches sheep’s meat stew, stewed cod fish, grilled meat. Semi-seasoned pecorino.