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Vegan Selection


  • Sea bread

    Our homemade bread is entirely kneaded with food-grade and filtered sea water, subjected to cold sterilization by means of a technological system which makes it perfectly pure without compromising its organoleptic properties.
    Allergens: 1


  • Seasonal vegetables in different consistencies in sea water with mulled wine 18 €

    The seasonal vegetables are marinated in sea water and offered in different cooking methods and textures: steamed, vacuum cooked at low temperature (sous-vide), grilled, marinated and uncooked. Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, home-made vin cotto with grape must.

First Courses

  • Spaghettone with cream of red beet, cooked in sea water 21 €

    The fresh beets are cooked in sea water with extra virgin olive oil, onion and mint, without adding salt.
    Allergens: 1

  • Orecchiette with turnip greens, cooked in sea water, chilli pepper and flavored crunchy bread 22 €

    The turnip greens are cooked in sea water then sautéed with extra virgin olive oil flavored with garlic, lemon zest and chilli pepper. The orecchiette are cooked in sea water diluted with plain water. A crunchy flavored bread concludes the recipe.
    Allergens: 1

  • Mezze maniche with saffron potato cream, cooked in sea water 21 €

    The potato cream is cooked with extra virgin olive oil, bay leaf, onion, black pepper and sea water, without adding salt. The mezze maniche are cooked in sea water and plain water.
    Allergens: 1

* In some periods of the year some products could be frozen at the origin or subjected to on-site treatment. For more detailed informations please ask the staff.

Second Courses

  • Millefoglie di cocomero (Cucumber millefeuille), baked, marinated with sea water, glazed with its extract. Accompanied by a tomato sauce, puffed capers and dried black olive crumble 23 €

    Totally vegetarian and vegan dish. The cucumber is cut into thin overlapping layers, cooked in the oven and then marinated sous vide with the juice of its extract (cold-extracted), sea water and mint. Glazed with the reduction of its extract and served with a tomato and basil sauce, crispy puffed capers and oven-dried black olive crumble.


  • Seasonal fruit in different consistencies with strawberry liqueur sauce in sea water 12 €

    The fruit in different consistencies is composed of fresh pineapple chips dried in the oven, fresh strawberries, fresh red fruit gel, green apple gel, melon, currant, strawberry and sea water liqueur, white almond crumble. Since is all made with fresh fruit, some types of fruit may vary according to the season and their availability.
    Allergens: 8

  • Pralinery 13 €

    Four pieces tasting
    Our chocolates are handcrafted with high quality tempered chocolate. Stuffed one by one. The various fillings are made with fresh fruit or cold-pressed fruit and citrus extracts. The fruit used is slightly marinated in sea water.

    • Ginger-filled praline, 75% chocolate and cold-pressed ginger filling;
    • Praline filled with blackberries and raspberries, ruby chocolate filled with sea water marinated blackberries and raspberries;
    • Praline filled with artisanal citrus liqueur, 75% chocolate and citrus liqueur;
    • Surprise praline, we will surprise you with a secret ingredient.